Monday, February 9, 2009

February Flowers

Grande under the camellia bush...digging! A delicate pear blossom.

Something that comes up every year. I don't know the name. A red camellia above. The bush that Grande was digging under.

Another view of a pear blossom grouping. These are tiny and so delicate looking. Beautiful. It was a sunny blue sky day today. Wonderful.

Morning Mist on the Bayou

In these pictures, I tried to show the heavy mist/fog that comes in low over the forest and bayou. Late at night or early in the morning is the best time to see it. After dawn is begins to leave. It is very heavy and wet to walk through and gives off an supernatural like light. The pictures show some of the out building one of the giant old oak trees, and our Southern Door Bell--the pig.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Glass Bead Art

My newest art glass piece. What do you think? You can't see the holes in this picture but it is a bead. Lampwork is fun to do.

Cup 'o Joe

Sitting in the chair looking toward the backdoor. Blog spot. Grande. Favorite spot.
The bags hold recycle items.

My spoon collection. Ok so I love kitch, old stuff, junk to some. I just like it.

The Java Station. An OLD store coffee grinder found in a junk store. It works and lights up when you turn it on. It reads: Brew The Perfect Cup--Grind to your liking. Remember these from stores? Coffee brewer. Brews in 30 seconds, water is always hot. Fresh ground coffee and a selection of cafe stuff espresso machine and all. We'll have a cup waiting for you Jim.

The Great Grande Nui

My Four-Legged-Love. Grande was a rescue and I support rescue organizations. My love bug is an 80 pound lap dog. Really! He thinks that he can sit on my lap and always wants to be near me. He sleeps with me and is toasty warm on cold winter nights.

Southern Night

It's a Full Moon in the Garden of Good and Evil. It's a full moon tonight with a heavy fog. Everything is heavy with dew. Outside to take a picture I at first feel free. Alone in my world of mystery. As I stand, I start to hear sounds of the forest. Drops of liquid from the trees heavy with dew. I feel the night closing in. My world becomes smaller. Night creatures of the forest are making their way home before dawn. Their sounds are everywhere now. A rooster crows. A dog barking. My eyes become more focused but I wish I had a lantern. My feeling of freedom changes. Eyes are focused on me now. The moon is beautiful and I drink in the damp air. I wish I had x-ray eyes like my Grande. He runs at every sound and shadow. I decide I've had enough. Until the dawn I will remain inside.