Sunday, February 8, 2009

Southern Night

It's a Full Moon in the Garden of Good and Evil. It's a full moon tonight with a heavy fog. Everything is heavy with dew. Outside to take a picture I at first feel free. Alone in my world of mystery. As I stand, I start to hear sounds of the forest. Drops of liquid from the trees heavy with dew. I feel the night closing in. My world becomes smaller. Night creatures of the forest are making their way home before dawn. Their sounds are everywhere now. A rooster crows. A dog barking. My eyes become more focused but I wish I had a lantern. My feeling of freedom changes. Eyes are focused on me now. The moon is beautiful and I drink in the damp air. I wish I had x-ray eyes like my Grande. He runs at every sound and shadow. I decide I've had enough. Until the dawn I will remain inside.


  1. Very poetic! Gives me the chills!

    Great pic of the moon. You have a gift for photo taking!

  2. Rats, I posted a comment this morning and I guess it wasn't published. I said it was nice to see where you lived and what was important to you.
    (Grande and collectibles) and especially liked the spoon collection and the Java Spot. Hope this one gets thru to you, Joanne